We Elevate Your Telehealth Capability



Our mission is to help medical and mental health practices create telehealth programs that provide patients the right care, at the right time, in the right way, with the right resource. We’re committed to ensuring your practice can provide continuity of care to your patients that enhances the continuity of your business. We are hands-on designers of telehealth programs, able to scale our services to your needs. Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

Protect and elevate the continuity of your business during COVID and beyond:

  • Develop a telehealth strategy to keep patients in your eco-system, minimizing revenue losses
  • Select telehealth tools based on ease of use and cost/benefit analysis of clinical and economic outcomes
  • Prepare grants to obtain funding for telehealth, leveraging our experiences and results
  • Perform marketing and enrollment activities to grow your telemedicine practice

Enhance continuity of care and safety for your patients:

  • Develop a stratification model to determine COVID-related workflows, resources and care plans
  • Swiftly transition in-office visits to virtual visits to preserve wellness care, therapy, follow-ups
  • Adjust roles, workflows, processes to reduce barriers to patient adoption of telehealth

Enhance quality of life for your team and your patients:

  • Inform, train and engage your staff to embrace telehealth services and virtual care
  • Certify staff for demonstrated competence in conducting virtual visits
  • Develop patient-centered schedules, workflows and processes to give them control, convenience and privacy
  • Add remote patient monitoring services to monitor COVID and chronic conditions