Designing Telehealth Solutions for Better Outcomes


  • Terri Seppala
      Terri Seppala

      Terri Seppala, President and CEO, formerly held executive positions at American TeleCare, Inc., Medtronic, Computer Associates, Oracle and 3M.

    • Dixie Comeau
        Dixie Comeau

        Dixie Comeau, Principal Consultant, formerly managed communications and change management at Newsday and Underwriters Laboratories.

      • Rosemary Glavan, RN
          Rosemary Glavan, RN

          Rosemary Glavan, RN, formerly SVP and Chief Nursing Officer at AMC Health, is our Clinical Director.


        HOW WE HELP

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        • WHO WE ARE
            WHO WE ARE

            Telehealth Associates, Inc. is a dynamic, multi-faceted, certified woman-owned business enterprise providing telemedicine consulting services. We design telehealth solutions that create better outcomes for patients, make teams more efficient, and let health care professionals work at the top of their license. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for high quality virtual care that protects patients and care teams. We’ll get you up and running with a hybrid practice swiftly.

            • WHAT WE DO
                WHAT WE DO

                Telehealth Associates can support you at any stage, from just getting started to getting your program back on track. We’ll help you prioritize needs, design a solution and create the workflows, protocols and instructions to implement it. We have years of experience implementing remote monitoring, tele-diagnostic kits, virtual visits, Chronic Care Management and other virtual services. We’re agnostic about technology and can help you find the right match. We will even help enroll patients in your program!